Friday, December 27, 2019

Roll On Reading w/ Connie Tate

The hottest up and coming children's author - Connie Tate - is currently touring schools in both the California Central Valley and in Sedona. Her latest book is a first chapter book Sylvester's Catastrophic Tale.

Sylvester lives in a pet food warehouse in California’s Central Valley and is adored by all who work there. One day the curious cat slips inside one of the 20-foot containers that comes and goes so frequently - CLANG - the door shuts and off goes Sylvester on the adventure of his life begins. Back at the warehouse, Sylvester's human friends frantically search for their cat – all receive the surprise of their lifetime when he finally does return.

Don't miss our favorite - Roll On -- Wren and her daddy visit the Farmers' Market and choose a very large spaghetti squash. Wren wants to hold it, but the squash is too big and rolls away - stirring up all sorts of mischief as it rolls on. The best part - Wren is based on Connie's own granddaughter. 

Watch Wren Below:

Find out about Connie at 

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