Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Halloween Without Pumpkins

The Adventures of Emily and Elmer brings you: "The Halloween Without Pumpkins":

Elmer and Emily are friendly monsters who live in a shed in the middle of Farmer Fred's pumpkin patch. The only time of the year they venture out during the day, is Halloween - they are monsters after all.
With monsters perfectly proper as Halloween costumes - the two love to run around the patch helping families select their perfect decorations for the holiday - only it is almost October and there are no pumpkins as far as the eye can see. It's up to these two lovable monsters to save Halloween and prove that sharing and physical differences are the best way to approach life.

Free Book Unit

The engaging book unit, The Halloween Without Pumpkins Book Unit, is available for free download. The unit contains interactive notebook pages, and cover Common Core State Standards for Grade 2 and Grade 3 for Reading Literature - specifically RL.1, RL.2, RL.3,
Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti
RL.6 and RL.7 and RF.3a.

While the activities, many interactive notebook pages, are based on standards for second and third grades - don't negate the impact color picture books - even in PowerPoint or youtube form - have on older children. Picture books are not just for young children - they allow educators to teach difficult concepts, introduce new literary elements and concentrate on critical thinking, analyzing and evaluating text without being bogged down with intricate stories.

Picture Books in Secondary Classrooms

Picture books are excellent tools in secondary classrooms. They make great writing prompts and work wonderfully for close analysis. In other words, picture books should not be overlooked as tools for secondary students. Take a quick look at the new Bloom's Taxonomy verbs and consider their application in relation to picture books in the secondary classroom. The University of Iowa is full of useful information regarding Bloom's revised Taxonomy - take a look at in through the lens of secondary instruction using picture books.


The Halloween Without Pumpkins PowerPoint - to play and read to your class - if the video
Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti
goes to fast.

The Halloween Without Pumpkins YouTube

Free - The Halloween Without Pumpkins Book Unit

By Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti


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